Groundhog Day for All Educators

by Rick on February 2, 2015

Today is Groundhog Day, but ever since I saw the movie “Groundhog Day,” February 2 is not so much about 6 more weeks of winter as the wonderful gift we have each been given to reinvent ourselves.

We all get comfortable with the way we are, even if the way we are doesn’t work so well for us. In the movie, Bill Murray’s character gets stuck in February 2. Once he realizes he is trapped in himself, he begins to grow, change and transform himself into a much happier person. The spell is finally broken. A must-see for all parents and other educators. One of my top five movies.

The only self we really want to be is our genius-self. All other selves must go.


“No Authority”

by Rick on January 19, 2015

At school at 6:30 this morning I did something that received the response: “No Authority.” That I had done it successfully a hundred times in the past half year didn’t matter. Soon an alarm would go off and all you-know-what would break loose…all because I had “No Authority.” Read More…


Last week, when I complimented a teacher on what a great learning community she has created in her classroom, she said, “It’s the kids. The kids are doing it themselves.”

“I know what you mean, but your leadership caused this,” I countered. Read More…


Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile   –Albert Einstein

Last year, Yasmin climbed to the top of a thirty-foot tower and rang the bell. Her partner Violet got halfway up and stopped. It was hard, and she didn’t want to push on. But Yasmin, her challenge met, didn’t climb back down. Instead she talked to Violet encouraging her to keep going. And Violet did. She started climbing again, climbed up to where Yasmin was waiting for her and rang the bell. The two 10-year-olds came down together. Read More…

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Three boys appeared in the door of my office, yesterday.

Boy 1: “We’re not in trouble. Our teacher sent us to ask if you could help us work out a problem that came up at recess.”

I excused myself from the finance meeting, Read More…

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Children Want Social Responsibility

by Rick on September 25, 2014

“Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile.”

–Albert Einstein

Yesterday at 8:26AM, I stepped away from my job of shaking hands and greeting incoming students at the front door of the school to talk to a student in the hallway. When I returned to my post one minute later I found Isabel and Isabella, two fifth-graders, standing where I had been standing, shaking hands, smiling and saying good morning to the students as they came into school. Read More…

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Metrics in Education

by Rick on September 18, 2014

Measure What Matters

 Yesterday Jasmine (grade six) and Aymani (grade 4) were sitting together editing each other’s papers. Shelby (grade six), who was sitting nearby overheard them wrestling with the problem of how to indicate to each other the things that needed fixing. She said, “There were signs you can use.” Read More…

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What are the Drivers of Success?

by Rick on September 11, 2014

“Find something you love to do more than you love yourself.”

–Elizabeth Gilbert

What are the drivers of success? The first thing we think of is abilities and disabilities, but that’s what matters least.

ellen swallow richards accomplishments - Google Search-1In 1842, when Ellen Swallow was born, girls weren’t expected to have careers and they certainly weren’t expected to become scientists. Change can be slow, but Ellen Swallow helped speed it up by opening doors for women. Read More…


Happy Birthday Maria Montessori

by Rick on September 1, 2014

Maria Montessori was born 134 years ago yesterday. Although her research with children has been replicated again and again in the last century, and although her discoveries have been born out in photosuccessful practice all over the world (there are about 20,000 Montessori schools in the world today), and although these discoveries constitute the core of the meaning of the word “education,” Montessori education is still considered “alternative” education. Why?

In the last two weeks at Golden Oak Montessori, I have seen the children at work and play. Read More…

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Years ago in some online comment Janet Lansbury wrote:

“I was encouraged by a mentor, infant specialist Magda Gerber, to view babies as whole people from the get-go, not my projects, not reflections or extensions of me. Their emergent personalities never felt like my responsibility.”

That babies are whole people is actually a revolutionary idea and one that I hope takes hold in the hearts and minds of all those who care about children and their education.

UnknownThis concept is built into Montessori education. Children are not incomplete adults who need to acquire academic skills and moral behavior in order to be fully human. Rather they are born wired to communicate, connect, create and contribute and then like the rest of us spend the rest of their lives defining themselves to the environment they find themselves in. Read More…

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