The Education of Character is Education Itself

by Rick on April 6, 2013

Understanding Our Work

Education of CharacterWhether a student is searching for the right words to address a classmate or the best way to state a thesis in an essay, the challenge is essentially the same. The skills for solving math problems and social problems overlap. Collecting oneself before entering the exam room, the sports arena, or the playground requires the same disciplines. Educating “the whole person” starts with understanding that our work is to fully educate each kharakter in our care.

Education of Character

Social problem-solving, cognitive problem-solving and emotional development are not separate mental functions and therefore, the education of character is education itself. Arrogance is a Learning Disability

Problem-Solving Kids

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Rick April 11, 2013 at 7:28 am

Judith Crutcher
Finally, the courage to teach integrity and making the right choice. MIA in secondary education for about 75 years.

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