Write a Letter to a Teacher

by Rick on May 6, 2013

Rewards of Being a Teacher

Remember when a high school teacher won the Lottery?  He was back teaching the next day.  A reporter asked why in God’s name would a person who’d just won many millions of dollars and no longer needed to work, not simply quit their job?His response was that from time to time a former student would write him to tell him that he was very grateful to have been a student in his class, and it had made a big and positive difference in his life.  He said he simply could not think about not doing something that would continue to cause students to write him such letters.

When I read that, I finally sat my ass down in front of my computer and wrote a letter to Mr. McGlynn, who was the best teacher I ever had, and had an enormous and positive affect on my life.  I’d been thinking vaguely about doing this for maybe 30 years, but had never got around to it.  A month or so later I get a letter from a friend of McGlynn’s. I think it was his next door neighbor.  He thanked me for my lovely letter, and explained that McGlynn had died recently, but he had found my letter open on his bedside table.  He said he was quite sure McGlynn had read my letter, and appreciated it, and had intended to respond, but had been very ill, and died before he could respond.  I thought at the time that probably the letter had arrived too late, but this guy had read it, and wanted me to think McGlynn had read it, which was very kind of him.  Don’t know why I thought that, but I did.  I hope what he said was true, and he’d read the letter.  Will never know for sure.

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