Which is a Picasso? How to Keep Creativity Alive?

Warning. All children start off as artists. Humans create. Children start off creative. What do we have to do to keep their creativity alive throughout life?
Picasa 3-4Picasa 3-2-1
Merry Lanker’s students at Muffley School in Decatur, Il.,2012

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3 Responses to Which is a Picasso? How to Keep Creativity Alive?

  1. Merry Lanker says:

    I love it, thanks for sharing! I miss working with the elementary school students but I’m enjoying the challenge of middle school.

    As for keeping creativity alive… I’d say start by giving students time to create and the tools to create- I try to stay away from cookie-cutter projects that require every student to create the same exact project. I prefer to give them creative challenges that inspire them to use their imaginations and not worry so much about how “good” it looks. I feel like this helps them gain confidence which then shows through in their final work.

  2. meredithashworth says:

    i always loved, at CDS how the question was “tell me about your work” not “what is that?”
    i agree with merry that it’s more about offering tools and maybe even frameworks for art projects that don’t have a predetermined outcome/cookie cutter feel.
    yet, creativity is so often associated just with art. creative problem solving…how is that fostered?

  3. Rick says:

    Happy New Year, Meredith. Yes, creativity is a survival skill as much as it is fun. In no case is it frivolous.
    Thank you.

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