Are Charter Schools the Answer to Education Reform?

Some say yes. Some say no. Come on, people. Could we please ask questions that help us get to useful truths about Education Reform. Article in the New York Times June 30, 2016:

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Therefore, charter schools are an education fiasco? But wait, half of Detroit’s charter schools perform better than “traditional public schools.” If charter schools are not the answer, does that mean that “traditional public schools” are the answer

Indeed, America seems to be very badly educated. Listening to us talk you would think there are “two sides to every issue.” No. There are only two sides to simplistic questions.

How about some better questions? Like: What are the elements of school culture that will graduate young people with leadership skills? What leadership skills are being taught in the classroom depicted above? What would we like to see? What are the successful schools doing right? What lessons could we learn from them and/or from how Finland did Education Reform? What lessons could we apply to the situations that each of us has the power to change?

Can some of these thoughts lead us toward real education reform?

Learning Leadership

Learning Leadership

Where To Invade Next (Finland Schools)

Who's moving to Finland with us? #BeRemarkable

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