Mother’s Day Follow-up

by Rick on May 16, 2017

After the dinner and the pie and the hugs and smiles, Mother’s Day reminded me of something important: “chocolate chip cookies and a comfy bed.”

Yes, indeed, Parenting is hard work, requiring stamina and persistence, resilience and patience and resistance to the pain of tedium. Love is the underlying, driving force, of course, but sometimes you can’t even feel the love and then it’s just a matter of “Hold on, when there is nothing in you except the will that says to you ‘Hold on.’

choulet chip cookiys and cumfy bed

But doing it “right,” (something parents have been worrying more and more about in the last thirty years) is actually easy, as this note from my nine-year-old grandson to his mother shows:

Happy Mother's Day Letter

See, Love is, actually, all you need. Well, Love and two other things: (2) Defining boundaries relentlessly, and (3) under-controlling at the same time (We need to be raising people who are good decision-makers and the only way to do that is to give the decision-makers a lot of practice.)

So that’s it. Just do it. And do it, and do it, and get some sleep so you can get back in there and do it again. Love will power the whole thing, and all you really need in the end.

Giving decision-makers practice

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