The Great Family Christmas Book Discovery

If you used to read “the Night before Christmas” to your kids on Christmas, but decided they outgrew it, or even if you still do; if your children grew up and now have children of their own; or even if you think you grew up and don’t even have children around to help you celebrate Christmas, this book is for you: Mr. Dog’s Christmas at the Hollow Tree Inn, by Albert Bigelow Paine.

The story was originally published in 1898 and it’s been read aloud in my friend, Betsy Cordes’s family for three generations, every Christmas Eve. Betsy decided it needed a new book of its own with illustrations. So, she partnered up with children’s book illustrator Adam McCauley, and it’s now available at  In fact, it is ONLY available at: 

Mr. Dog’s Christmas–both the writing and the illustrations–is delightful, and I guarantee it will take you back to your childhood and make you (or almost make you) live those old Christmases over again–whether or not you have forgotten. Have fun with it, and have a Merry Christmas no matter what.

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