Trusting the Path of Kharakter

by Rick on May 11, 2019

Seventheen-month-old Zoe begins her life as an artist. Zoe’s mother gave her a box of colored chalk, and took her into the back yard. Talking all the while, her mother showed her how to make an apple on one of the flagstones in the walk, which went all the way through the back yard. Zoe needed no encouragement. With a will, she immediately started to color the flagstones, and by the time of this video, it seems she has a vision for her new canvas.
Turn up the volume. Can you make out what she says when she runs into her first challenge?

Being a parent!

What fun! What is our role?
Pay attention, delight, and admire.
Define boundaries.
Suspend judgment and evaluation.
Sometimes help, if you can, with some of the big stones along the way.
Learn to distinguish between worry and empathy.
Worry is not about them; it’s about us.
Find constructive outlets for our natural need to worry.

BTW: Did you hear her say, “Go ‘way this.”


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