The Designated Daughter

by Rick on October 18, 2019

The Designated Daughter comes to San Francisco. Get your tickets to one of the San Francisco shows here.

Here are some things people said about the New York show:

All About Solo:  The show’s strength lies in the line it walks between laugh‐out‑loud humor and a deep current of pain.  A funny line was delivered at the end of such terrible news that it was hard to know whether to laugh or suppress it. And that is, I think, precisely Ms. Podesta’s point. It takes a special writer to call forth laughter from the audience even in the face of death and illness and bad luck so horrendous it leaves an eerie quiet.

…Striking moments of poetry abound, as Ms. Podesta describes that her mother’s “hummingbird heart” keeps on beating. At another point, a powerful one‑liner lingers in the air: “I still can’t sit with her without being bored.” Joyful moments of transcendence rise up out of the pain.
…The ending of the play is truly arresting. The lights dim, and Ms. Podesta addresses the audience directly, in a dramatic, empathetic gesture. The effect is that we, too, are less alone.

Elyn Zimmerman: Making sense of the emotional and psychological rollercoaster that the death of someone close immerses us in is no easy task. And to write about it as perceptively, humorously (at times), and tenderly as Victoria did is an amazing accomplishment. Even more amazing was how sincere and evocative her performance was, and how professional.

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Marty Dutcher November 1, 2019 at 12:37 pm

My partner and spouse Carolyn and I attended this last year, and we were both very glad we did. After watching and listening to Victoria I eventually was absorbed and lost track of time. Victoria’s play left me feeling as though I had lived another life and began thinking in new ways about my life and relationships, examining them newly with heart and spirit. Carolyn and I spent significant time afterward sharing our own feelings and thoughts, the kind that uncover love and appreciation.

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