Being New: Don’t Bring the Past into the Present.

by Rick on January 1, 2020

Do not trip over what is behind you.

One day, five second-grade girls came to my office.
“We’re having a fight.”
“Could we use your office to talk it out?”
“Sure,” I said.
They came in and sat at the round table.
“We would like for you to stay.”
“Yeah, but we don’t want you to say anything.”
“Okay,” I said and went back to my desk.

They started talking.
Early in the conversation, they acknowledged
that the problem stemmed from two of their parents,
who had not been getting along.
Miranda said: “Don’t bring the past into the present.”
“Yeah. Like, just cause our parents aren’t friends
doesn’t mean we can’t be friends.”
“Yeah. Like, let’s not bring the past into the present.”

A little more talking.
Then they got up from the table, thanked me,
and clustering at the doorway,
they put their hands together and
made a pact to be friends no matter what.
Saying in unison:
“Don’t bring the past into the present.”

Happy New Year, and Happy new decade. Today is 0101/2020
Press the Reset Button.
Be New

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Marty Dutcher January 1, 2020 at 3:17 pm

Lovely story! You have such a warm and empowering space that you provide for your students (and for me, too). If we all could notice whenever we are bringing the past into the future, what miraculous lives we’d have!

Oh, reminder of our top 10 tips we discussed: I would add this. Whenever something is not working, is not satisfying, and is persisting, it is likely because something from the past is running the show.

Happy New Year, Rick

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