Life Lessons from Working with Great Teachers

by Rick on November 29, 2020

My next book is finally out.
It has it’s first comment on Amazon from Jenny Cowgill:

5.0 out of 5 stars

All educators need to read this book. Everyone needs to read this book.

This should be required reading for anyone in the teaching profession, but really it is a book for everyone. While the focus is on great teachers who are able to solve condlict creatively with love at the core of their teaching, these lessons could apply to anyone of any age. An enjoyable read, in these pages teachers and parents and co workers and friends etc. will witness how focusing on the core needs of students can transform the learning experience. Kids, like all of us want to matter, to be of use in the world, to be respected and valued. When this is the goal and not just how well they score on the three R’s we can create a community of learners who can thrive in school and then later in the world to create a better, more just society where everyone is valued and we can all thrive in our own wonderful uniqueness. Approaching conflict creatively, with compassion but also high expectations is evident in all of these lessons that span decades. Approaching mistakes as positive building blocks instead of negatives, seeing the whole child and not just the grade, changing the language we use, being creative and open to change are some of the many vital tools that are adressed. As someone who has taken failing schools and flipped them to successes, Ackerly lays out an approach to education that is sorely needed and so necessary. But it doesn’t end at graduation. These are tools necessary for all relationships. They can help us all become the leaders that we are as they focus on the genius in all of us.

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Happy Reading, everyone.

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Tracy November 29, 2020 at 11:26 am

Great review. She captured the essence of the book perfectly.

Patricia December 2, 2020 at 2:12 am

Ditto times 10. Great review. Rick, your book should be required reading for anyone taking teacher education. Your message is so true and so very important. Thank you for writing this wonderful book. Patricia

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