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Something American Schools Can Learn from Japan: You Matter

You Matter The minute I appeared in the front hall of Kugayama School the receptionist got up from behind his desk, opened the glass door of the administrative offices and came out to greet me with a smile, a bow … Continue reading

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Ten Truths Most People Don’t Know

Surprising Truths Africa is larger than you think. Poverty in the world has dramatically declined in the past 20 years. Human beings have become less violent. Children are born with empathy and wired to want to help others. No such thing … Continue reading

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Looking Back and Being New

What are the Disciplines for When Discipline Fails? Sometimes kids seem to think they were brought into this world to educate us rather than the other way round.  Marty Dutcher: It seems that in relationship-building, listening (that is, not talking!) is a … Continue reading

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Why Just Once a Year?

On December 25th 102 years ago German and Allied soldiers crossed no man’s land, exchanged gifts, wished each other Merry Christmas, sang together and made peace. The high command got anxious that the brotherhood that was forming would compromise the war … Continue reading

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National Take Your Enemy to Lunch Day: Keystone of Democracy

Last week on the flight from Washington to Boston, Ginna was reeling from the shock that America had elected a misogynistic, racist, egotistical demagogue for president. She decided to turn to her seatmate and ask, “Who did you vote for?” Please … Continue reading

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