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Leading Your Life by Creating Great Moments

Last Friday, the results of my PET scan revealed that the three metastases in my lungs and the one in my liver are gone. Gone! Nivolumab administered intravenously every two weeks seems to be working. My loved ones are breathing … Continue reading

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Five Challenges for a Great New School Year

A new school year. Will it be great? Are you looking forward to the challenges? If you are a parent or a teacher I’m jealous. I miss having children around every day. Their absence compromises my education. But maybe you aren’t … Continue reading

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Authority and Boundaries

 It’s 5:15 pm. Mom is at the stove making dinner. Her six-year-old Brittany sees a bag of candy canes that her mother just brought home for Christmas decorations, and says, “Mommy, can I have a candy cane?” “It’s close to … Continue reading

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What is character building, and how do you do it?

Before the war (as my parents used to say) “character building” was a good thing. In the ‘50’s and ‘60’s when something was hard, educators could say to us students, “Just do it. It’s character building.” They must have used … Continue reading

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Making Decisions, Suffering and Learning; It All Goes Together

The list of “symptoms” of “Executive Function Disorder” bears further scrutiny. Reading down the list from the point of view of a parent or a teacher, images of frustrating children you have known flood back to you, and you find … Continue reading

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