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So, You Are a Graduate. So What?

a graduate’s speech “I have a proclamation: Let today be the last day we joke that we are stupid or crazy. It’s not clever to pretend we hate what we love, and it wasn’t wrong study it. “Let today be … Continue reading

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Collective Genius

Early in my first year as principal I found myself sitting across the table from a clean-cut, successful looking lawyer/parent who had put his daughter into the second grade of my school a month ago. As soon as we returned … Continue reading

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The Swallow Strategy: Don’t Get Mad; Be Useful

How do you get yourself admitted to a prestigious graduate school of science and technology? It’s not what you think. Please follow and like us:

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Before Teaching Skills Engage the Whole Brain

At dinner one evening, when my daughter, Lizzie, was in first grade, she said: “You know how some teachers just let you play? Well, I want to know stuff, and that’s why I like Ms. Lexton; she teaches us stuff.” … Continue reading

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The Need to Contribute

To Contribute is a Basic Human Need Ever play give-and-take with babies? They pick a carrot off the tray of their highchair and hold it out to you. You take it, say “Thank you,” and give it back to them, … Continue reading

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