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Five Challenges for a Great New School Year

A new school year. Will it be great? Are you looking forward to the challenges? If you are a parent or a teacher I’m jealous. I miss having children around every day. Their absence compromises my education. But maybe you aren’t … Continue reading

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Epistemology: the Heart of a Good Curriculum

What if “epistemology” were written on the whiteboard on the first day of school, and referred to every day after that? What if “To know how you know what you think you know” were universally understood as the point of a curriculum? What … Continue reading

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Stop Parenting and Be a Parent Part 2

Build a relationship and create a collaborative family When did “parent” become a verb? Somehow I missed the moment. Everyone seems to be telling parents how to parent as if it were an unnatural act. That might be okay, except … Continue reading

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Kindergarten Readiness

How should we prepare kids for kindergarten? Concerned that so many kids are “unprepared,” for kindergarten the Education Coalition of Decatur has come up with a checklist of skills: (1) academic (e.g. write name, recognize letters, sounds, colors and shapes), … Continue reading

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The Importance of Being New at Rosh Hashanah

 Genius: (n) the tutelary spirit of a person, place or institution.  At sundown yesterday, Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year started. I always felt that it was part of the genius of Judaism that they had the wisdom to start the … Continue reading

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