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Mother’s Day Follow-up

After the dinner and the pie and the hugs and smiles, Mother’s Day reminded me of something important: “chocolate chip cookies and a comfy bed.” Please follow and like us:

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Creating a Life: The Purpose of School

Could creating a life be the purpose of school? Could creating a life be the purpose of school? Why not? When it is, everything works right. When schools have other ends in mind, they get discipline problems, dropouts and lower performance. By the … Continue reading

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Epistemology: the Heart of a Good Curriculum

What if “epistemology” were written on the whiteboard on the first day of school, and referred to every day after that? What if “To know how you know what you think you know” were universally understood as the point of a curriculum? What … Continue reading

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Ten Truths Most People Don’t Know

Surprising Truths Africa is larger than you think. Poverty in the world has dramatically declined in the past 20 years. Human beings have become less violent. Children are born with empathy and wired to want to help others. No such thing … Continue reading

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Looking Back and Being New

What are the Disciplines for When Discipline Fails? Sometimes kids seem to think they were brought into this world to educate us rather than the other way round.  Marty Dutcher: It seems that in relationship-building, listening (that is, not talking!) is a … Continue reading

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