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Imagination and Education

The MIND. Engage imagination before opening. To maximize academic performance, academics must be taught as a subset of the larger project of maximizing mental capacity. For both, imagination is essential.  When you watch children at work and play, you see … Continue reading

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Leading Your Life by Creating Great Moments

Last Friday, the results of my PET scan revealed that the three metastases in my lungs and the one in my liver are gone. Gone! Nivolumab administered intravenously every two weeks seems to be working. My loved ones are breathing … Continue reading

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Address Behavior Problems with Accurate Feedback (and don’t stop)

Several days ago my three-year-old grandson launched into an ebullient riff that went something like: “I am grateful for this soup. I am grateful for the goats. I am grateful for Papa being here. I am grateful for planting the … Continue reading

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The Need to Contribute

To Contribute is a Basic Human Need Ever play give-and-take with babies? They pick a carrot off the tray of their highchair and hold it out to you. You take it, say “Thank you,” and give it back to them, … Continue reading

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Management Kills Education

I love No Child Left Behind. In May of 2002 I visited our local public school, hung out on the playground and just generally lurked. As the kids were waiting to go home at the end of the day, I … Continue reading

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