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What is genius?

What is Genius? What is the meaning of genius?

Years of exposure to this kind of teaching drew me to the original meaning of the word genius:” something each of us has rather than something a few of us are. How to teach all those learning styles? How to make diversity work? How to keep kids from cheating? Bullying? Dropping out? How to prepare citizens for democracy and leadership in a complex, changing world? How to get them to love to go to school every day? Treat them as if they each have a teacher within.

Genius: Not a Rare Gift

Gen·ius n 1. The tutelary spirit of a person, place, or institution.


Gen·ius n 1. The tutelary spirit of a person, place, or institution.—The New Oxford American Dictionary, 2001

What is Genius? Part 1: Calli’s Love Life

Finding genius is not about finding ability.

Finding genius is not about finding ability. Finding genius is about unlocking the creative potential of the human brain.

Yes, educators should be finding The Genius in Every Child. That’s why I wrote the book. However, the genius we are looking for is the voice of their character, the engine of their curiosity, the source of their creativity, not some “strong natural ability.” Education is not about the strength that is obvious, but the genius that will lead the child to lead the life they are meant to lead.

What is Genius? Part 2: Brian’s First Journey

Genius guides us in the expression of our character and the discovery of our calling. -Rick Ackerly

Transcending strengths and weaknesses, genius  guides us in the expression of our character and the discovery of our calling.

Making Conflict Creative

We see through a glass darkly; but then face to face.—Corinthians 13:12 Many years ago, I faced the challenge of “doing something about” a noxious employee who worked in the development office. Please follow and like us:

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Spelling Bee by Faith Shearin

Spelling Bee by Faith Shearin In the spelling bee my daughter wore a good brown dress and kept her hands folded. There were twelve children speaking into a microphone that was taller than they were. Each time it was her … Continue reading

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Being Right & Being Wrong: Two Sides of the Stupid Coin

You can either be right, or be in a relationship; not both. —Katherine Schulz (Being Wrong, 2010) FIfth-grade teacher Beverly Button, was famous for being “strong on discipline.” The culture of the school put a high priority on “discipline,” and so … Continue reading

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How the College Scandal Could be a Game Changer

College Scandal! “I’m shocked! Shocked! There’s [bribery] going on in here.” Every year at this time, as our 18-year-olds are getting their college acceptances, there is a spate of articles about the imperfections in the college admission process in America. … Continue reading

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Relationship problem? Tried Everything? What to Do?

If you don’t like the weather in New England, just wait a minute. –Mark Twain When your relationship is less than wonderful, and you have run through your usual repertoire, here’s the plan: 1. Don’t react; Act. 2) Listen actively. … Continue reading

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