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What is genius?

What is Genius? What is the meaning of genius?

Years of exposure to this kind of teaching drew me to the original meaning of the word genius:” something each of us has rather than something a few of us are. How to teach all those learning styles? How to make diversity work? How to keep kids from cheating? Bullying? Dropping out? How to prepare citizens for democracy and leadership in a complex, changing world? How to get them to love to go to school every day? Treat them as if they each have a teacher within.

Genius: Not a Rare Gift

Gen·ius n 1. The tutelary spirit of a person, place, or institution.


Gen·ius n 1. The tutelary spirit of a person, place, or institution.—The New Oxford American Dictionary, 2001

What is Genius? Part 1: Calli’s Love Life

Finding genius is not about finding ability.

Finding genius is not about finding ability. Finding genius is about unlocking the creative potential of the human brain.

Yes, educators should be finding The Genius in Every Child. That’s why I wrote the book. However, the genius we are looking for is the voice of their character, the engine of their curiosity, the source of their creativity, not some “strong natural ability.” Education is not about the strength that is obvious, but the genius that will lead the child to lead the life they are meant to lead.

What is Genius? Part 2: Brian’s First Journey

Genius guides us in the expression of our character and the discovery of our calling. -Rick Ackerly

Transcending strengths and weaknesses, genius  guides us in the expression of our character and the discovery of our calling.

Ten Truths Most People Don’t Know

Surprising Truths Africa is larger than you think. Poverty in the world has dramatically declined in the past 20 years. Human beings have become less violent. Children are born with empathy and wired to want to help others. No such thing … Continue reading

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National Take Your Enemy to Lunch Day: Keystone of Democracy

Last week on the flight from Washington to Boston, Ginna was reeling from the shock that America had elected a misogynistic, racist, egotistical demagogue for president. She decided to turn to her seatmate and ask, “Who did you vote for?” Please … Continue reading

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A Dynamic Mind; Not a Growth Mindset

The antidote for a “fixed mindset” is not a “growth mindset,” but a mind on a mission. One morning ten years ago a kindergarten teacher named John walked into his class wearing a pink shirt. There had been an outbreak of students … Continue reading

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Hillary Clinton Won? Let’s Be Accurate

Hillary Won. No, she didn’t! Yes, she did! Come on, people, let’s be accurate. The airwaves are already filled with advice about how to help our young people through this divisive moment in American history. One important bit of advice … Continue reading

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Let’s Not Do This Again: All Eyes on School Culture

The choice before us tomorrow is not so rational as it is cultural, and school culture bears the lion’s share of the responsibility. When we look beneath the invective that the candidates and the media throw around, and look instead at the America … Continue reading

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