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Who are the great leaders?

Great Moments, Not Great Leaders “Who are the great leaders?” When I was asked this question over a cup of coffee recently, a 15-month-old popped to mind, and I found myself telling a story about a moment a couple of … Continue reading

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Anti-Bully question. What would you do?

True story: Frank had paid the extra 12 dollars to buy one of the first 15 positions on his Southwest flight from Chicago to Oakland. His boarding pass read A10, and consequently he was one of the first people on the plane. … Continue reading

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So, You Are a Graduate. So What?

“I have a proclamation: Let today be the last day we joke that we are stupid or crazy. It’s not clever to pretend we hate what we love, and it wasn’t wrong study it. “Let today be the last day … Continue reading

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Key to a Great Parent-Teacher Partnership

Years ago in some online comment Janet Lansbury wrote: “I was encouraged by a mentor, infant specialist Magda Gerber, to view babies as whole people from the get-go, not my projects, not reflections or extensions of me. Their emergent personalities … Continue reading

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Kids are Better Scientists than Adults

Every night at dinner my three-year-old grandson launches into at least one oration. He holds both hands up with the palms up and out, gesticulating not just with his hands but with his whole face as words pour forth as … Continue reading

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