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Adolescence Is Hard

The path is never straight, and the parenting is rarely easy. Susan (19) hates Columbia. Wants to drop out, Considered suicide. Hates therapy and her therapist. Her mother says: “She’s always had trouble making friends. “As a baby, she could … Continue reading

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Trusting the Path of Kharakter

Seventheen-month-old Zoe begins her life as an artist. Zoe’s mother gave her a box of colored chalk, and took her into the back yard. Talking all the while, her mother showed her how to make an apple on one of … Continue reading

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Noticing What Matters

In most schools the parent-teachers conversation doesn’t go deep enough. Here’s an example of a conversation that goes deeper: Please follow and like us:

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Making Conflict Creative

We see through a glass darkly; but then face to face.—Corinthians 13:12 Many years ago, I faced the challenge of “doing something about” a noxious employee who worked in the development office. Please follow and like us:

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How the College Scandal Could be a Game Changer

College Scandal! “I’m shocked! Shocked! There’s [bribery] going on in here.” Every year at this time, as our 18-year-olds are getting their college acceptances, there is a spate of articles about the imperfections in the college admission process in America. … Continue reading

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