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I Hate Him

“I hate him,” said Gabby when I asked her to tell me about her teenage son. Please follow and like us:

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Epistemology: the Heart of a Good Curriculum

What if “epistemology” were written on the whiteboard on the first day of school, and referred to every day after that? What if “To know how you know what you think you know” were universally understood as the point of a curriculum? What … Continue reading

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You’re Not the Boss of Me (Respectfully)

Our children are inundated with demands from the adults in their lives…. What an exhausting way to parent, especially when there are more effective ways to get the job done. –Maren Schmidt On a recent trip from Chicago to Oakland … Continue reading

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Kids are Better Scientists than Adults

Every night at dinner my three-year-old grandson launches into at least one oration. He holds both hands up with the palms up and out, gesticulating not just with his hands but with his whole face as words pour forth as … Continue reading

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Authority and Boundaries

 It’s 5:15 pm. Mom is at the stove making dinner. Her six-year-old Brittany sees a bag of candy canes that her mother just brought home for Christmas decorations, and says, “Mommy, can I have a candy cane?” “It’s close to … Continue reading

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