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The Myth of Self Acceptance

Collaborate. Create. Contribute, and stop chasing after self acceptance. Please follow and like us:

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Who are the great leaders?

Great Moments, Not Great Leaders “Who are the great leaders?” When I was asked this question at a conference recently, a 15-month-old popped to mind, and I found myself telling a story about a moment a couple of years ago when … Continue reading

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So, You Are a Graduate. So What?

a graduate’s speech “I have a proclamation: Let today be the last day we joke that we are stupid or crazy. It’s not clever to pretend we hate what we love, and it wasn’t wrong study it. “Let today be … Continue reading

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Children Want Social Responsibility

“Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile.” –Albert Einstein Yesterday at 8:26AM, I stepped away from my job of shaking hands and greeting incoming students at the front door of the school to talk to a student … Continue reading

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What is character building, and how do you do it?

Before the war (as my parents used to say) “character building” was a good thing. In the ‘50’s and ‘60’s when something was hard, educators could say to us students, “Just do it. It’s character building.” They must have used … Continue reading

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