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Epistemology: the Heart of a Good Curriculum

What if “epistemology” were written on the whiteboard on the first day of school, and referred to every day after that? What if “To know how you know what you think you know” were universally understood as the point of a curriculum? What … Continue reading

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Let’s Not Do This Again: All Eyes on School Culture

The choice before us tomorrow is not so rational as it is cultural, and school culture bears the lion’s share of the responsibility. When we look beneath the invective that the candidates and the media throw around, and look instead at the America … Continue reading

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Should You Use Playskool Blocks in Your Classroom?

“Do you use blocks in your classroom?” was an interview question we asked when searching for a lower elementary teacher. “Why?” was a follow up question. We didn’t hire someone until we heard a good answer. Are there right and wrong answers to … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Maria Montessori

Maria Montessori was born 134 years ago yesterday. Although her research with children has been replicated again and again in the last century, and although her discoveries have been born out in successful practice all over the world (there are … Continue reading

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Standards Don’t Educate; They Sort

Washington Post, May 7th: “Math, reading performance is stagnant among U.S. 12th-graders, assessment finds.” All this effort on standards and test scores and still no change. Hmmmm. But there are those who predicted that teaching directly to standards would only … Continue reading

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