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Leadership is Knowing When to Lead and When to Follow

At 5:07 pm one Tuesday in October of 1989, when I was in my second year as director of a school in Oakland, California, the ground began to shake. I was off campus, up on the third floor of our … Continue reading

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How Teachers Should Research a Student’s “Learning Disability”

“I think Malcolm has a learning disability,” said second grade teacher Barbara one day in my office. “He can’t seem to get 25 – 16. I have taught him six different ways to do it. He just can’t get it. … Continue reading

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When we are teaching kids, are we educating them?

Which problem would you give a child: a)   4 + 8 = __ b) __+__= 12? Why? What’s the secret to teaching kids as if they have a brain?       [arrow_forms id=’8087′] Please follow and like us:

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Education: Taking Responsibility vs Responsibility Talk

Taking Responsibility vs Being Responsible Who is responsible for fixing education: teachers, parents, administration, the community, the government? When people try to answer this question, there is almost always a fight. When someone says, “the teachers,” someone says back: “How … Continue reading

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Games Lead to Success; Loving Leads to Life.

“You game everything, don’t you,” said Katie as we pulled into the driveway of our house in San Francisco after spending a weekend together in the California wilderness. As usual she had selected precisely the right words to name an … Continue reading

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