by Rick on April 15, 2021

by Kathleen O’Hara

And maybe it’s only this:
We. Emerging on amphibious legs.
Rising from ponds, shaking off from our skins
weeds and water.
Climbing ashore, and crawling;
swiping the luck of the draw out of hands that
do the dealing
and building from sand, a fiction:
a believable story
where all children grow strong and the land
goes un-plundered,
where a heart
is where the home is, where home is where
we’ll always be. A place on a green earth where we are
never cold, never broken,
where we lie in our stillness, riveted
to our truest feeling
and we pulse with the planets
and we are safe
to walk
alone in the night.

We’ll find ourselves ourselves;
annulled of doubt, saturated in the grace of random goodness.
Our sudden arms muscled with gratitude, we are reaching
for a sunlight
that doesn’t blind us to each other that doesn’t
burn us into cancer, but with
its sturdy brightness
unfolds us into
the strength that we share, enfolds us into
the warmth of belonging.







There is no polite way to suggest to someone that they have devoted their life to folly—Daniel Dennett

In 1943, Ann Lake was born into a prominent Washington, D.C. family. She was expected to be good. She didn’t dare be otherwise. Her single mom had a temper, and Ann tried hard not to upset her. If she didn’t cry, complain, or express any negative emotion there was a chance she wouldn’t be punished. The law of the land: Be positive. Read More…


Hardships and Character

by Rick on April 2, 2021

Your hardships are the corridors to your character (kharakter: the mark that the gods put on your soul at birth).

Bob Kniffin

In grade school Bobby Kniffin came over to my house often to play. We were good friends. Fifteen years later I met him in New York, and we went to lunch at The Brass Rail on Lexington Avenue. He worked on Madison Avenue. (Yes. He was a “Mad Man” at the time).

During this most excellent catching-up conversation, I asked him why we always played at my house and never his. He said, “I didn’t want you to come to my house. It was a chaotic, unhappy home.” Read More…


What is a Life?

by Rick on March 21, 2021

Gen·ius n1. The tutelary spirit of a person, place, or institution.

—The New Oxford American Dictionary, 2001

What is a life? What’s to become of my child? What is my life to be? What am I supposed to do with myself? Even at the age of 76?

It all comes down to the word character. I don’t mean “character” the way it is most commonly used today in America: a fancy word for “good” or “moral.” I mean the original meaning from the Greek kharacter: the mark that the gods put on your soul at birth. Your character is the YOU that is becoming. Genius is the voice of your character…, and you can trust it. What does that look like? It’s different for everyone.

Introducing Peter Richards

One morning in the early days of fourth grade in my new school, the teacher of my section of fourth grade stood in front of us and said: “Someone has locked all the stalls in the bathroom from the inside, does anyone know who did it?” Read More…


First Date


Look at what’s new in comedy. (Proud Stepdad talking) This made me laugh.

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