What Parents and Teachers Could Learn from Diplomats

What does it mean to be diplomatic?

  1. Don’t skip the niceties.
  2. Find common ground.
  3. Choose your words carefully.
  4. Seek input and be ready to listen.
  5. Watch your body as well as your words.

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“We Don’t Call Her Weird”

“Snoop’s power is mind control, and his weakness is ants.”  “Glue guns are useful for everything in the world, except for gluing two planets together.”
“This animal is afraid of ketchup.”
“All flies are tiny, except the bigger ones.”
“We don’t call her weird. We call her rainbow.”

What do all these quotations have in common? Three things: all were delivered by kindergartners last week, none are clichés, and all reflect the creative power of the young minds entrusted to our care. Continue reading

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I Hate Him

“I hate him,” said Gabby when I asked her to tell me about her teenage son. Continue reading

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Good Parents are Good Leaders (and Never Underestimate Kids)

For best results with our children, parents need to be good leaders.

One day, Suzanne said to her five-year-old niece Emma, “My, that is a beautiful stuffed lion you have there.”

“I know, I saw it in the store and Mommy bought it for me.”

“That’s nice.”

“Yes. Well, she wasn’t going to.”

“Oh?” asked Aunt Suzanne, who had children of her own.

“No. She wasn’t going to. So I went,” and screwing up her face Emma acted out, “Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!” then said, “She took it off the shelf and bought it for me.”

“Huh,” replied Suzanne, hiding her smile. She was charmed by this window into the workings and self-awareness of this delightful five-year-old brain.

Later that day in the kitchen Suzanne was talking to her sister and started to tell the story Continue reading

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Five Challenges for a Great New School Year

A new school year. Will it be great? Are you looking forward to the challenges? If you are a parent or a teacher I’m jealous. I miss having children around every day. Their absence compromises my education. But maybe you aren’t feeling that way. Continue reading

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