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Rick Ackerly Rick Ackerly – Educator, speaker, author and genius coach.


Rick Ackerly is a nationally recognized educator and speaker with 45 years of experience working in and for schools.

With a master’s in education from Harvard University, Rick has devoted his career to building thriving learning communities.  He has served as headmaster of four independent schools and has been a consultant and coach to teachers, school leaders and parents for many years.

Rick speaks to parent and school groups across the country. He also presents at numerous education conferences including the People of Color Conference, the California Association of Independent Schools, the Coalition of Essential Schools, the Symposium on Students with Learning Disabilities, Progressive Education Network, the National Association of Episcopal Schools, and the Pacific Rim Conference.  He has been an active participant in the annual “Call to Action” conference sponsored by the National Association of Independent Schools’ Office on Diversity and Multicultural Education.

His articles about education and diversity have appeared in The Independent School, Multicultural Education, Education Week, the New York Times. Rick publishes a new essay each week on his blog www.geniusinchildren.org His first book, The Genius in Children: Bringing out the Best in Your Child is available on his website. A second, updated edition will be published by Lyons Press/Globe Pequot Press in July 2012

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