Talks and Presentations

Rick Ackerly offers a variety of popular talks for parent and school groups as well as professional associations. His talks include speeches at a variety of conferences (Learning and the Brain, People of Color, Pacific Rim, National Association of Independent Schools, California Association of Independent Schools, the Coalition of Essential Schools, the Symposium on Students with Learning Disabilities, the National Association of Episcopal Schools, The Progressive Education Network), and workshops for professionals and school leaders.

A popular workshop includes a professional development workshop for teachers during the day and a talk with parents in the evening.

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  • The Genius in Children
    How to bring out the best in our children.
  • Content and Character
    Redefining success: preparing your children for success in the 21st century.
  • Surviving the Rigors of Applying to College
    How parents can help their high school student (and their family) to thrive (or at least survive) the challenging college application process.


  • Leadership When it’s Out of Control
    Each of us has a genius. How to bring our whole selves to a crisis especially when we are down and  vulnerable.
  • Content and Character
    How can we help parents and teachers achieve a school’s most critical outcomes?  How can we insure that young people graduate with the disciplines that will build character and meet the challenges of college and beyond with grace and confidence?
  • The Uses of Diversity
    How creating a culture of diversity creates a better learning community. What are the essential elements of a culture of diversity, and how can you build them into your school?  For school leaders: teachers, administrators, parents and trustees.




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