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Who are the great leaders?

Great Moments, Not Great Leaders “Who are the great leaders?” When I was asked this question over a cup of coffee recently, a 15-month-old popped to mind, and I found myself telling a story about a moment a couple of … Continue reading

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What are the Disciplines for When Discipline Fails?

Musa was mad as his mother drove them away from dropping his big brother off at an event for older children. He wanted to go, too. Tagging along with his toddler brother and his mother was unworthy of all that … Continue reading

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Anti-Bully question. What would you do?

True story: Frank had paid the extra 12 dollars to buy one of the first 15 positions on his Southwest flight from Chicago to Oakland. His boarding pass read A10, and consequently he was one of the first people on the plane. … Continue reading

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“No Authority”

At school at 6:30 this morning I did something that received the response: “No Authority.” That I had done it successfully a hundred times in the past half year didn’t matter. Soon an alarm would go off and all you-know-what … Continue reading

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Authority that Increases Authority in Others

Last week, when I complimented a teacher on what a great learning community she has created in her classroom, she said, “It’s the kids. The kids are doing it themselves.” “I know what you mean, but your leadership caused this,” … Continue reading

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